Monday, June 11, 2012

You Are I.

Finding my application’s URI address either in deployment or development/debugging environment has been an issue I had to face in my early LightSwitch days. Although not a LightSwitch issue, but rather a Siverlight/ASP.NET one, I thought that sharing the 2 lines of code I have ended up using to discover the URI (along with the port, most important for debugging and/or standalone deployments) might be useful.
First the client. The first and easy approach was extracting the URI and port from System.Windows.Browser.HtmlPage.Document.DocumentUri. Nice! Not really. This only works for web and NOT OOB (Out of Browser) or Desktop according to LS naming, applications. System.Windows.Browser namespace is in general not available in ΟΟΒ applications.
The way I ended up adopting is accessing System.Windows.Application.Current.Host.Source.AbsoluteUri. Ok, I know it’s WPF/Silverlight way (System.Windows… I mean) but my experience says that a similar approach will be available even if HTML 5 is the next (not too soon I expect) output of LS.
Then the server. Here things are simpler and for as long as the server part of a LS application remains a Web Service the path will always be the same: HttpContext.Current.Request.Headers["HOST"].
That’s it! Short but juicy (I hope Smile).

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