Monday, June 4, 2012

CLASS Extensions Version 2 Fixes and Promises

Although it's been some time since my last post, I didn't quit on CLASS Extensions. On the contrary, I have been very busy working for a corporate project that uses CLASS Extensions and in the process I have made additions and fixes in CLASS Extensions. The most important fix is about Drawing business type and control so as to support standalone deployment.
As you might know, when running standalone a new host is launched every time, listening to a different port. As the drawing business type uses uris to set the drawing's background, the port active when the image was selected from the server, is included in the drawing serialization string. This means that next time the application is launched (standalone or debugging) and the port is changed the drawing's background is lost. This is fixed. Although the port is still serialized along with the drawing the port is automatically replaced with the current port of the hosting process.
There are also other small fixes regarding functionality.
Additions are to be announced officially but a (not all inclusive) sample list would include:

  • an expander group control allowing you to expand/collapse regions of your screen (both horizontal and vertical).
  • an ImageContainer group control that adds standard functionality to image editors and drawing controls to import automatically from camera and scanner (yes Del Sole's code is at the background, so before publishing I will definetly ask for permissions)
  • a printable area group control which allows to both save a snapshot of the contained screen region and/or print it.
  • a new color picker control that allows you to define a color by selecting it directly from an image using a sampler tool.
The additional features will not be released before the end of August. The price will be adjusted accordingly. Anyone that has already purchased the original version until then, they will get the new features for free earlier than official release for beta testing.

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