Sunday, October 9, 2011

Extend your Business (types)

Did you know the best way to encapsulate and reuse parts of your business logic is writing Business Type Extensions?
Creating a Business Type extension you can encapsulate and reuse in all your projects part of you business logic, regarding validation, automatic calculation, but also UI logic writing default controls for your types if needed. For example almost all LOB applications need to be able to handle IBAN numbers.
One can easily implement a business type that will automatically check the validity of a string that is defined as IBAN business type and raise validation messages, or even (more advanced) present in a custom control the information contained in the IBAN number. Or a tax registry number, or a color stored as an integer or what ever will be represented as a typical type (string, integer, decimal etc) but it’s validation or UI display requires much more than just the typical. There are already many free and commercial extensions many of them containing (and) business types. You can find a list of extensions here.
We will talk about other types of extensions in next posts…Winking smile

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