Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where are my tables (stored)?

Did you know that, when you create a native datasource in LightSwitch managing tables (entities) from the LightSwitch designer, the corresponding schema along with the data manipulated while debugging are stored in a SQL server database file set found in <ProjectName>\Bin\Data?
These database files are attached to the local instance of SQL 2008 Express. Visual Studio LightSwitch will install one if not found. The SQL server instance must be configured to allow user instances, as by default LightSwitch will attach the aforementioned files as a user instance. Along with your schema, default ASP.NET security schema is also found there.
The connection string compacting all the above can be found in the web.config file of the ServerGenerated project. If you don’t know what or where is this don’t worry we will talk about it in a next post. Just go ctrl+shift+F enter _IntrinsicData as the string to find and search in the entire solution. Please don’t touch. Generated, you know…Winking smile

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